Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nokomis Beach Drum Circle

A few days ago, Sharon asked us if we were up for a surprice afternoon. And as the good sports we are... of course!!!

We met in Joannies bar (actually Daniel's bar, but he is not allowed, under aged, father Keith actually the boss!!!) and since Dave was the DD we decided to hurry out.

O.k, driving through Venice, up to Nokomis, then into the parking lot and out we went, Per and I did not know what to expect.. but they said... o.k we see them, they are out there.. and we said.. yes.... o.k.. what!!???? And then back to the cars to get the beach-chairs, and off again to be a part of the circle!

I have to do some research - because this was something totally different, and really fun! I promise, I will bring my maracas or other rythmic instruments next time I go for a sunset! The most important thing about this "event" or what you would call it, everyone is welcome, no money, no selling, you bring your you, that is all!

So after getting back home, I did some research on the Internet to see what this really was about, but did not find the answer. Has to do more research!

Put the sound on to see / hear the video!