Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another beautiful day in Paradise.. Open house in Wildflower Preserve!.

A couple of years ago, Lemon Bay Conservancy got to buy the  Wildflower Golf course (that was no longer a golfcourse but more a small jungle. And, it is located just outside our lanai.  Per has been working as a volounteer in the woods here now 2 days a week, and the results are incredible. The ponds are filled with fish, gators and other critters, Trees with birds nests of all kinds, snakes are snaking around and dragonflies are all over. Butterflies are many and beautiful. It is actually a little jungle and we are welcome to stroll around there, if we are members of Lemon Bay Conservancy. And - of course we are!

To day they had an "open house" with lots of information and guided walks around on the trails the volounteers have been working on all winter.  Bird-feeders and bird-homes (even a highrise...) have been put up to protect the birds. Benches have been set out around the ponds so you can sit an enjoy the life in the ponds. Just beware, alligators are all over, and they cannot read the signs - beware, alligator....

I took a lot of pictures, and I will let them speak for themselves!

One really cool thing, I scanned this barcode with my smart-phone, and opened it in my phones browser! Great info and beautiful pictures from the nature and work they have done in the preserve!

green pond....

bird-houses are put out (the metal "thing" is to prevent raccoons and others to get to the nests.
This group was introduced to geo-caching

They used hours and hours to make this pond available, a trail is no cleaned so we can walk all around it.

the Purple Martin Highrise - all condos are already rented out!

Lots of people came to the "open house" today, and that means the locals are really interested in what is going on! Great!

The president of the PTLA (PalmTreeLiberationArmy

Purple Martins Highrise next to Verna's Pond

Information signs are put out all over the park

Verna's pond

Verna's pond

They need some help...

Per is talking to one of his friends...

This is a palm tree wich needs to be rescued bu PTLA...

Look-out tree for the vultures?

Bogounvilla - unattended for years

Bottle brush tree

one of the many benches around

and yes  this is Grampa Alligator - he is biiig.
All pictures taken by yours truly LNC

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shoes ...

ok... I don't really need more shoes... today!

no comment ...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cruizin' Englewood!

Cruizin' is one of Olde Englewood's most popular events. Saturday night, March 3rd, plan come out and stroll Dearborn Street. Enjoy the ambiance of beautifully restored vintage cars, 50's music and all against the back.drop of a Lemon Bay sunset. It's "Happy Days" in Olde Englewood.