Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas in Florida - happy hour and lights!

Some pictures and videos from Sundays wonderful and coooold evening! (Weather man said around 40 F - but he was wrong (thank you) - only in the mid 50s) But that is cool to!

First we went to Benedetto's Steakhouse for a great meal and Happy Hour drinks! 2 for one... so how many people and how many glasses?? (too many glasses and so little time...)

Then over to Fisherman's Village, to go enjoy the boatride in the canal's of Punta Gorda. The homeowners decorate their homes - some are wild, some are awsome! (and a few are totally left in the dark)

First we had to take some pictures outside. And then put in a few minutes of quality shopping-time to buy some fun things in the giftshop. Only the gift-shop is open on Sundays, but I managed to get rid of a few $$.

What is wrong with these pictures?

We are in Florida! Look at the heavy winter-coats!!

On the boat (Good times Too) it war hard to get any good pictures. We could not open the windows because of the cool weahter so I just took a lot of small video-clips. Enjoy!

This was "best-in-show" this year in the local competition....

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Liv Ofsdal said...

Takk for titten Laila! Artig å se :) og høre...hehe
Det så rimelig kaldt ut der ja med de tjukke jakkene...i som her i Norge jo!