Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toys for Tots and christmas lights again!

Last year we went to Leverocks Seafood restaurant to enjoy the christmas lights parade in the marina, and donate some toys for the US Marines incredible Toys for Tots. What a great way to make a child happy!

I have said it before, and repeat myself - the people we know here in the US of beautiful A are so good at helping. The community we live in down here, shows every day that they help if they can. Outside Publix and Walmart the bell-ringers, volounteers works to get money for the Salvation Army's important work. A lot of other benefits are arranged around, donations in the stores... people help if they can!

So since we really enjoyed this last year, we surely would attend this year too!!! Have a look at the pictures from this years Marina parade, and see why!

The restaurant was jumping - and we did not have a reservation, but, since we are bar-people we were fine. As last year, we enjoyed the great service from Joann the cute Elf, and her co-sins, and had a great meal in the bar. Per, Sharon and my self had fishy stuff - but Dave is more into the steaks. And what a steak he had!  (no pictures of the food this time - sorry).

Cuter bartender than this - hard to find!

The menu - lots of goodies!

Here we are - out partying again!

Toys for the Tots! More came in later!

Sharon puts ut her toys...

Looks like the theme for this years decorations was Christmas around the world.
See the flag down to the left? Norway!

Even Santa has to go sometimes....

oh yeah. -scary pitbul and no trespassing...

here also we saw the norwegian flag...

a really old flag - is it Soviet? Made in Norway though!!  Have a look below!

huge snowman - native of S/W Florida!

After Sunset the Marina looked like this:


 And when we got home to Fiddler's Green,
the lights around the pool was also beautiful!

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