Friday, December 3, 2010

December 3rd - after brunch- some cute things on the tree...

Even if I never have had a christmastree here until this year, I have collected some christmas ornaments. I regret I didn't buy any from St Petersburg Russia and China when we were there, as they had some really nice ones... but then, I think untraditional ornaments are also nice... look at these pics..

This little guy I bought in Malaga 2-3 years ago, he is just soo cute! The little bell works... (I saw they had the same guy at Bealls today - made in China just the same, maybe the twin?

This is not to good a picture, but it is from Bermuda, the lighthouse there. Bought on our way to Europe last year.

This handsom guy I bought in Punta Gorda some years ago, waiting for the boat going, taking us on a christmas lights parade. He is just awsome!

And this dancing queen of the Flamingos I got for christmas from a good friend a few years ago.

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