Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daniel's.. our favourite wateringhole.. and our favourite diningroom!

Every day around 5:00-6:00 PM  our Mazda6 starts humming outside...leeetssgoooooo letssssgooooo rrrumm rummm... and we are ready to go with her.... (she is red.. so by definition.... a SHE!

Out to the right. (Fiddlers Green Boulevard)
then to the right (Placida Road)
then to the right (Rotonda Boulevard West)
then to the right (Boundary  Boulevard)
then to the right (Cape Haze Boulevard)...
then to the left (Daniels Steaks and Seafood)

Tonight Keith - the owner of Daniel's (our favourite place on this side of the pond) showed us the biggest smile!!!

His restaurant - and our favourite diningroom is voted the best! Chris, the chef, is just a magician with his pots and pans, his herbs and meat, his fish and veggies.. and his deserts are to die for!! so...

Congratulations Daniel, Keith and Linda, Chris the Chef, Vicky, Joannie the Master of Martinis, Ron master of tables, Nancy master of Deserts... and Judy and Frankie!   and all the other hard working friends in the restaurant an bar! We enjoy your friendly service and your serving friendliness. And your friendship!! :-)  Thank you guys! We are proud to be considered regulars and friends of your establishment!

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