Sunday, February 26, 2012

Murder and Mysteries - Graduation Project.

Palm Island Resort Logo
In January I got an e-mail from Lisa at the Palm Island Resort sales office. (I am on their e-mail list, so they sends me e-mails rather often). Usually I delete them, but this got my attention because of some words in the heading: Murder and Mystery Dinner - Love writes a deadly verse" ... both murder, mysteries and dinner? My thing exactly!


Lemon Bay Highschool Graduation Project is a fundraiser for the graduation-party for the kids.
Project Graduation is an all night event for graduating seniors of Lemon Bay High School. It is a well supervised, drug and alcohol-free celebration held in a safe and secured environment. Project Graduation is held immediately following Lemon Bay High School Graduation Ceremony. The event is planned and hosted by the parents of graduating seniors along with community volunteers and parents of LBHS junior classman. The attendance and success of this event has grown each year, as has the need for volunteers and fundraising.

here we are in line for the barge across from Mainland to the Island...
We decided to go, and had e-mail contact with Lisa all along to make sure payment and tickets were sent to the right adresses.  Our tickets arrived, and they included the barge (we took the car on the barge), golf-cart taxi service from the parking lot up to the club house, full dinner and drinks. And the most important thing, the Murder and Mystery!!

Table no. 101 - Me, Sharon, Dave og Persen
The whole thing was prepared and rehearsed really well, and we got lots of "stuff" to help us. A News paper article, list of the suspects (many!) and even envelopes with different clues that would make us be able to solve the murder.

The Suspects (Poets Turntable) walked around and mingled with us, and let us ask our questions, add they also talked about the murder between themselves, we were supposed to eavesdrop!

Charity Homes, 43, acclaimed local poetess whose works have been published in seven countries, but never in the US, was murdered at the Poets Turntable meeting last night..."

Stakkars Seymour Lee lost his dear chopstic (showed up as the murderweapon!)
After interwievs with all the suspects, we were to give our answers - tell who the murderer was, how they did it, why and with what.

The murder - Rose Prettel - she stole Seymours' chopstick and sharpened it with her own pruner!

And my really smart husband got it, he knew it was Rose the florist and flower expert, she was afraid she would lose her flowershop, and Charity the dead poet had stolen some of Rose's poetries. We got information that Rose and Seymoure had had breakfast the morning before the murder, and she stole his chopstick, and sharpened it with her pruner.

We won the first price!!

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