Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 0 - Oslo - Southampton!

Well - how exciting is a taxiride to the airport? Not exciting at all... except for that he was late, only some minutes. But that is so annoying when you have booked a taxi for 5.30 in the morning! But he came and he was nice. And he even asked if we wanted to listen to the radio - we said - nononono - peace and quiet please, it is 5.30 in the morning!

When we arrived at the airport, the baggage system was of course down.. all the Monday Morning Travellers - yours truly included - were not really happy with this situation: They could  not give us any promises as to IF or  WHEN our luggage would arrive at our destination! We are going on a 52 nights cruise... without luggage? Everything ended good, I must admit I was impressed when all our suitcases came out from that hole in the wall!! Happy dance!

After a nice train ride from Gatwick to Southampton, we are now installed in Grand Harbor Hotel - we have stayed here several times before. Nice rooms, and very short distance to the cruise terminals. The first time we stayed here, we walked - with lots of luggage - to the ship!

We had lunch at The Dancing man, Great food and service,  this was just perfect, with a good glass of merlot...

 and they even had their own little Jack Russel - Mister Watson!! He was so cute!

After some shopping and rain we went back to the hotel, Southampton is a nice city, but in the rain, not so much.

Tomorrow we are embarking the beautiful Ovation of the seas!!!

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