Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 4 - Vigo, Spain

This must be the 4th or 5th time we are in Vigo. We had sort of decided to not go ashore, because the last time we were here, the city was so noisy, dirty, filled with beggars, umbrella- and handbag-vendors, and because of the recession, lots of empty stores in the main streets. Depressing!

Ovation of the Seas - docked smack in the middle of the city!
I am glad we redecided, even though the weather was bad. The temperature was nice, but it rained all day. I had brought my umbrella so I was sort of fine.

The emigrant (a tribute to the emigrants that left for America) and me... me to the right -
 I brought my Munch umbrella.

These guys knew exactly what people needed today!

We walked around, did some planned shopping (toothpaste) then I found this cute store, and I had to buy a couple of these cushions. 

These two guys are going with me home, Mr Sunglass and the Kisser...
I love them both! (The winebottle just to show the size)
Well, we found this little hole in the wall, where the locals had their refreshments. We were the only tourists in there, I did not want to take any pictures.
They had some really good house wine, and some green olives and salty peanuts. Very nice and friendly.  The name of the place was of course "Serveseria", and they have free beer tomorrow:


We had lunch also with the locals, another hole in the wall! No pictures there either.

It was nice to get back on board, as I was cold and wet after walking in the rain and wind. I had a nice warm shower and a nap. The bed in our cabin is just awesome. And our stateroom attendant Darwin has become my new best friend. I want to take him home. Everything is perfect. Except for the weather.

No dinner tonight  after the big lunch in Vigo was  We just grabbed a sandwich in the Promenade cafe. All good.

Towel of the day: the shy little pig...

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