Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 3 - Gijon, Spain

A good night's sleep, and we were ready to go to Gijon. Wikipedia has this article on the city, the largest city and municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain.

I am not sure if we had to "park" way out in the boonies because of size, but ...

Ovation of the Seas - in Gijon, Spain

We could choose from a bussride (5 Euros) or a taxi (18 Euros) - the line for the bus was terrible, guess what we did. Yes. the taxi. We have never seen this city on any itinerary, so we don't think they were prepared for this big crowd.

The city it self was big enough to absorb the ships passengers, we did not feel like we were wading in cruisers as we do in other ports. We did the planned shopping (memorycards for my camera), and walked around until we found a little local "cideria", where we had lunch. Only locals, and us! It was a great experience, even though I could not use their wifi. I have a great dataplan on my phone, so I survived. (yes, I am addicted).

There were also horrendous lines to get back on the ship. We had to go through a security screening (the important thing is to see if we are trying to smuggle alcohol on board), and I think lots of people had bought alcohol, (they confiscate it, and you get it back on the last night of your cruise). Oh well, we know this - the problem with bigger ships. Use it as an opportunity to get to know other people! We had fun, and the time we spent did not feel too bad.

We did the "Chic" restaurant for dinner, I had a delicious rack of lamb, Per had the snapper.  We had a great time, people from Adelaide, Australia at the table next to us, Mark and Kay, we will meet them again for sure, they were fun and friendly, and had champagne with their dinner. We like that kind of people!

Tomorrow is Vigo, we have been there several times before. Weather forecast is bad, so we'll probably just walk off  to have lunch, and then back to the ship. We have  not really explored the ship yet.

Pictures later, the net is too slow.

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