Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flamingos in Paradize!

Since we have no kids in our little twosome family, and I am the youngest in our gang of friends down here, I ask for the kid-stuff when we are out and about. Down here in Florida I have a few have-to-do's, and one of them: the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

I have blogged about our visits to this small sanctuary before, but only for my norwegian friends.

Actually many of our Floridafriends have never been to the gardens, because they think it is a place for the children. Ok - it is... sort of.. but, for people not used to the birdlife, the alligators, snakes, like me and many of our snow-bird friends... you should go!

I love to see the black swans, the pelicans, the egrets and herons, but most of all the flamingos! They have of course the kiddie stuff, as the parrot-shows, and they have to, to make the money to feed the rescued animals and birds. They have a "no-kill"-policy, all animals deserve to live if they are not in pain, and they seems to have a good life. (I am not the person to say yes or no to this policy, but this park looks good to me).

After our trip to Sarasota, we went to Lock & Key Restaurant, to meet friends. We also met some people we met on Legend of the Seas many years ago. Good to see you again, Jim and Pauline!

To morrow: Happy New Year!


TorillJ said...

Vi har nå sett masse fine flamingoer, Sofie syns de bråker litt mye, men de var interessante.

Ellers må vi fortelle at Paris er i Australia og nesten tråkket oppå noen solbadende nordmenn. Du må se å oppdra slekta di!

Liv Ofsdal said...

Kult å se igjen Jungle Gardens flamingoer, Laila!! :D
Bråker litt - joda - men det er noen snåle skapninger...hehe