Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boca Grande - busy and beautiful!

To day we decided to do something else. So, we drove to Boca Grande. It is 20 minutes drive from our place.The drive to Boca Grande is a beautiful one, and today the colors of the water was amazing. I could not take any pictures since I was driving though.

A good friend of ours, Kathi, works in the local newspaper in Boca Grande, the Boca Beacon (costs: 25 cents, for sale everywhere, in restaurants, paper-salesboxes and spa-salons....)

One important thing to do in Boca Grande, is to have an ice cream at the Loose Cabboose, in the old railway station. Goody! (and since my icecrem was 1 scoop of orange/pinapple and one scoop of mango/apricot, my white t-shirt needs to be cleaned - the spots have nice pink and orange color.....)

After the ice cream, we took a walk around the little town. It is filled with golf-carts, people use them in stead of cars (wrong, there are lots of cars here too, but if all the people had had cars Boca Grande would have been a big parking lot).
It seems like they have opened more access to the public beach. We walked and I took some pictures of the houses that have direct view... wow! must be wonderful to live like that! Well - at least outside the hurricane season. And outside the tourist-season. And when the sun is up. And during daytime. Actually... I think it is nice to live where we live.

And of course, every little town has its churches. In Boca Grande they have at least this cute little baptist church, and across the street an even smaller one. And, in one of the stores they sold coffee by the honor system (take coffee, put money in the box to the left. looked like people paid their coffee!)

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Liv Ofsdal said...

Dette så ut som et sted vi ikke var men burde ha vært ;) Husk det hvis vi kommer over en gang!