Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are ready guys!

Ok - we are ready - 1 suitcase filled with... suitcases, and 1 small carry-on, my computer and 2 Gold Credit cards... sounds like vacation to me!!

Per is counting his (read: mine) USD.. 4 dollars 25 cents! He can buy me a good glass of wine for all that money during Happy Hour at Daniel's, right??

Ok guys, see you on Friday, maybe Saturday, depends on mr. Per.

The picture is mostly for my norwegian friends... you down there know how it looks like.. Paradize.. Right? Right?

Ok - see you guys!


TorillJ said...

Where is the white stuff????

Laila N. Christiansen said...

No white stuff in Paradize, only blue and green stuff hihi

karinno said...

Sitte pent på flyene da