Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breakfast, goodbye and poolday!

A sad day - Eric the golfer/ plumber/ carpenter/ taxpayer/ doorman/ gardener (Morten) left to go home to Norway. He was sad, because he really got the swing on his golf, and also found a new golf-friend. So - I am sure he will be back within a few months. We had breadfast at Pix-sea before he hit the road, and what a breakfast! They call it The Jogger, and I can understand.... he surely need to go jogging after all that food!

Erics plane is already 1 hour delayed from Tampa to Newark, so then he gets lots of time to eat a huge real American Bacon Cheese burger before he leaves the US of A!! Have a safe trip home, Morten (Eric)!

After we said goodbye, we went to the pool, and I had my daily swim... Per did his daily sudoku, and I got to read some pages in my book. After 1 hour and 30 minutes other people ruined the peace with their yelling and cellphones, so... now I am by the computer again!

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