Friday, April 10, 2009

Stump Pass Grille

One of our favourite lunch-places in the sun is Stump Pass Grille. It is located at the end of Maryland Ave. - down by the water. In the old days, they even had a swimmingpool for the guests, and you could lay there in the sun all day beeing served drinks and burgers and other goodies! Just like on a cruiseship!

There is a marina there too, and an old lighthouse (don't really know if it has been a lighthouse, but it looks like one). We have also rented a pontoon-boat there a few times, really a great way to enjoy sun and intra-coastal water!

Yesterday we went to Stump Pass Grille to enjoy the late sun and the smell of saltwater. The view is also great, lots of boats passing, the fishermen feeding the pelicans. The pelicans are strange and wonderful birds. Their flying skills are good, but when they try to land... they look like they are having a belly-flop contest!
Stump Pass Grille have good (not great, but good) burgers and sandwiches (called sammiches) Their burger is juicy and tasty, so together with view and smell, and reasonable prising, the place is actually great!

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