Sunday, April 5, 2009

Genealogy on the lanaii - with some good red wine.

Last night I sat outside, it was a lovely night, temperature around 70 F.

One of my goals for this vacation is to go through my source-database and correct, fix and clean up.
Almost all genealogist experience that the things they found the first years of their work, is to sloppy source-vice. So do I - and lots of my genealogy-friends!

I have till now gone through all my norwegian census-sources, and made them look more logical and easier for others to read.

The picture shows me and my laptop (and this IS a laptop, see??) ... and the glass. Glass to the left.

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Liv Ofsdal said...

AAH!! Der skimter jeg Per i stolen MIN gitt...hehe
Neida...jeg er ikke misunlig...lissom...hutwist