Saturday, April 4, 2009

J. A. P. D. I. P

Weather: purrfect!

There are no words to describe how it is to be back in Florida!

Last night (Friday April 4th) we went to our favourite wateringhole, Daniel's, and there they were. All of them! I think the rumour about our return has gone around town.... and it was a purrfect first night!

And, since I managed to sleep till 7.30 this morning, the jet-lag will disappear in a flash. Usually I am up before the sun. Per had already made coffee of course (his days usually start around 6 in the morning Mondays and Sundays. No difference there.

I went out to get some sun, it took less than 1 hour to get that sexy pink tan.... and, since it is 5 o'clock somewhere......

Yeah! J.A.P.D.I.P!

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Liv Ofsdal said...

And...what does this mean, dear cousin?? J.A.P.D.I.P???